Strategies and action plans

Strategies and action plans

STELLA's long standing experience in strategies and action plans ranges from developing strategies for international cooperation in the field of environment, to elaborating action plans for public authorities and implementing environmental policies and legislation.  We have assisted water and waste management utilities in developing business plans.  Ministries have asked us to help them develop budgets consistent with their policy targets.


Corporate experience

Bishkek Solid Waste - Feasibility Study

Country:  Kyrgyzstan
Client:  CEMI

Costs, benefits and climate proofing of natural water retention measures

Country:  EU
Client:  European Commission

Design of Asia Pro-Eco

Country:  Asian and European countries
Client:  European Commission

Feasibility study of the potential for landfill biogas from two landfills in the city of Freetown

Country:  Sierra Leone
Client:  Private

Implementation of EU Directive 94/62 on packaging and packaging waste in Slovenia

Country:  Slovenia
Client:  European Commission

Technical assistance to the Budget Department of Romania's Ministry of Environment and Water Management (MEWM)

Country:  Romania
Client:  World Bank

Experience of STELLA staff

Environmental Management Project in Morocco (Lot 1)

Country:  Morocco
Client:  Moroccan Ministry of the Environment

Evaluation of a study on hazardous waste management in Tunisia

Country:  Tunisia
Client:  World Bank

Evaluation of industrial pollution in the Mohammedia-Casablanca region of Morocco

Country:  Morocco
Client:  Morocco's Ministry of the Environment (MoE)

Industrial pollution prevention in Vietnam

Country:  Vietnam
Client:  World Bank

Industrial pollution study in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria

Country:  Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria
Client:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Madagascar

Country:  Madagascar
Client:  United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and Madagascar's National Office for the Environment (ONE)

Lebanon State of the Environment Report

Country:  Lebanon
Client:  Lebanese Ministry of Environment

National strategy for environmental protection and sustainable development in Morocco

Country:  Morocco
Client:  Morocco's Ministry of Environment

Regional urban environmental strategy for the Middle East and North Africa

Country:  Middle East and North Africa
Client:  World Bank