Project title

Natura 2000 Award Scheme

Project description

Natura 2000 is the largest network of protected areas in the world, and a testimony to the importance that EU citizens attach to biodiversity. The Natura 2000 Award is a means of raising the awareness of the general public in the EU about the importance of the Natura 2000 network for protecting and enhancing our natural capital. STELLA Consulting is responsible for selecting the five winners of this annual Award. Our team of ten experts is composed of two senior experts, two junior experts and six evaluators. Most of them are specialised in biodiversity and conservation and have excellent experience in Natura 2000. Each year, winners of the Natura 2000 Award will be selected within a number of different categories. Any entity based in the 28 EU Member States whose activities are directly linked to Natura 2000 (including businesses, authorities, NGOs, volunteers, land owners and educational institutions) is eligible to apply for the Award. STELLA is responsible for developing the evaluation methodology, applicant guidelines and online application forms for the selection process. The winners will be awarded at a biennial Ceremony in Brussels , also to be organised by STELLA. In addition, STELLA will arrange local events for the winners to show as examples to the general public in Europe the positive aspects of Natura 2000 that the selected sites provide. For more information please visit the Natura 2000 Award website :