Project title

Mid-term evaluation of the Municipal Environmental Cooperation Programme

Project description

STELLA participated in the mid-term evaluation of the Municipal Environmental Cooperation Programme (MECP), a programme of environmental cooperation between European and Asian municipalities financed by the European Commission and managed by the Paris-based United Town Development Agency. This three-year programme had a budget of more than 500,000 ECUs and aimed at facilitating the transfer of European know-how and engineering expertise to Asia. Environmental fields in the programme included water distribution, drainage, sewage collection and treatment, solid and hazardous waste collection, treatment and recycling, air and noise pollution abatement, green space planning and energy saving. STELLA assessed MECP's technical, financial, organisational, and managerial effectiveness. STELLA designed and sent a 20-page questionnaire to 66 interested parties (cities and associations of cities, NGOs, international institutions, consultants). In parallel, STELLA staff met officials from four European cities (in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom) and seven Asian cities (in Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). Based on these visits and the responses to the questionnaire, STELLA made specific recommendations to the European Commission regarding MECP's future.