Project title

Mid-term evaluation of Asia Eco-Best (AEB) programme

Project description

For the European Commission, STELLA conducted the mid-term evaluation of the Asia Eco-Best (AEB) programme. Financed by the EC, the five-year AEB programme (€8 million) promoted European environment best practices and business in Asia. AEB sought to (1) promote environmental-friendly economic growth in Asia, (2) increase exposure and access of Asian businesses to environment-related know-how, capacities and standards in the EU, and (3) increase trade and investment flows between the EU and Asia, based on competition that is not detrimental to the environment. The Regional Institute of Environmental Technology (RIET) implemented AEB and provided services to AEB recipients through co-financing, including conferences and seminars, training and information material, Environmental Impact Assessment, and business networks. STELLA led the evaluation team and reviewed how effectively RIET was implementing AEB. STELLA analysed answers to a questionnaire sent to grant recipients and comments from the AEB Advisors. The evaluation team met representatives from AEB and RIET, European partners in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France and Asian partners in Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. STELLA concluded that AEB had a positive impact on European SMEs and was very successful. STELLA also made suggestions to strengthen AEB and RIET.