Project title

Evaluation of project proposals for the LIFE-Third Countries programme

Project description

For the European Commission, STELLA coordinated the selection of the best project proposals to receive financial support from the EC Financial Instrument for the Environment (LIFE) Third Countries (TCY). LIFE TCY aims at contributing to the establishment of capacities and administrative structures needed in the environmental sector and developing environmental policy and action programmes in third countries bordering on the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. In response to a call for proposals for the extension of LIFE III, the EC received about 100 new proposals from 13 eligible countries and territories (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, West Bank and Gaza, and the Baltic shoreline of Russia: St Petersburg and Kaliningrad regions) and from international organisations. The objective of the assignment was to select the best project proposals in accordance with the criteria in the LIFE Regulation and to provide technical support and assess the projects considered eligible by the Commission services. STELLA led a team of seven evaluators who assessed eligible proposals according to the following criteria: Technical and financial reliability of the applicants; Conformity with the scope of LIFE TCY, as defined in the LIFE regulation; Coherence and quality: projects should be technically and financially feasible; Institutional/capacity building effect, viability and sustainability; Interest of the project; and Dissemination/visibility.