Project title

National strategy for environmental protection and sustainable development in Morocco

Project description

For UNESCO and Morocco's Ministry of Environment (Observatoire National de l'Environnement du Maroc), STELLA staff developed a national strategy for environmental protection and sustainable development. STELLA staff reviewed past, current, and future environmental policies and development programmes. STELLA staff estimated expenses associated with these policies and the costs of environmental degradation, such as health effects due to high ambient concentrations of lead and particulate matter, infant mortality due to diarrheic diseases, revenue losses from non-recycled materials, and loss of agricultural production due to erosion. Using an economic approach, STELLA staff evaluated the impact of these costs on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Based on this analysis, STELLA staff worked with the Ministry of Environment to establish environmental quality objectives that will ensure sustainable development and explained how environmental protection measures such as pollution prevention, economic incentives, and institutional strengthening will allow Morocco to reach these objectives.