Project title

Lebanon State of the Environment Report

Project description

STELLA staff assisted the Ministry of the Environment in preparing the Lebanon 2001 State of the Environment Report (SOER). The 2001 SOER used a "dual framework" methodology to describe and analyse environment-development linkages in Lebanon. It described the state of different environmental media (water, air, biodiversity, and soil/land) and the key linkages between them and various socio-economic development sectors (population, agriculture, industry, construction, transport, tourism and recreation, and energy). To prepare the 2001 SOER, STELLA staff met with more than 60 professionals and key stakeholders and reviewed about 150 new reports and references to provide the most up-do-date assessment of the state of the environment in Lebanon. STELLA staff prepared the 2001 SOER (240 pages) in English and Arabic, and in HTML format for easy browsing on the Internet.