Project title

Design of Asia Pro-Eco

Project description

For the European Commission, STELLA prepared a proposal to finance Asia Pro-Eco, the second phase of the Asia Eco-Best (AEB) programme --a five-year programme to improve the environment in Asia and promote trade and investment in European environmental technologies. The proposal described the contents of Asia Pro-Eco, its organisation, operation, instruments, and costs. The team led by STELLA developed (1) the programme's objectives and content, (2) the institutional framework to implement the programme, and (3) the programme budget. Asia Pro-Eco aims at promoting economic co-operation between the EU and Asia in environmental technology transfer of European environmental know-how and technology, and co-operation among environmental business and institutions in the Asian region. The program design team met with the main stakeholders in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, UK, and Ireland) and Asia (China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines) to seek their inputs for developing Asia Pro-Eco.