Project title

Environmental audits and strategies for the cities of Tripoli and El-Mina (Lebanon), Oran (Algeria), Limassol (Cyprus), Sousse (Tunisia), and Tangiers (Morocco)

Project description

For the World Bank/Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme (METAP), STELLA staff coordinated the environmental audits of Tripoli/El-Mina, Lebanon, and Oran, Algeria. STELLA staff also provided solid waste expertise for the environmental audit of Limassol, Cyprus. Finally, STELLA staff reviewed the environmental audit and strategy reports prepared for two other cities (Sousse, Tunisia and Tangiers, Morocco) and synthesised the five municipal environmental audits. In Oran, STELLA staff directed data collection and analysis efforts by one team of 12 local and international experts, and was responsible for preparing the final audit and strategy report. The audit team assessed the existing situation and evaluated the costs of several options to improve the environment, including the ""no-action"" approach. The audits identified priority projects in water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, coastal zone management, and land use.