Project title

Environmental audit and site remediation of six manufacturing plants in France and Italy

Project description

Following the sale of the group "Knoll" by 21' International to Westinghouse, STELLA staff conducted environmental audits of six furniture (wood or metal) manufacturing units in France and Italy. The purpose of these audits was to verify compliance with existing and anticipated French and Italian environmental laws and regulations, as well as EU directives. STELLA staff also evaluated the risks posed by the discharges, emissions, and wastes from these units. 21' International implemented the audits' recommendations under the direction of STELLA staff. Specifically, STELLA staff prepared an inventory of air pollution sources and wastes generated by these six units and managed (1) the construction of four wastewater treatment plants, (2) the removal and replacement of two PCB transformers and 22 underground storage tanks, and (3) the excavation and disposal of soils contaminated with trichloroethane (TCE).