Project title

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Regional Operational Program for Haute Normandie

Project description

For the Haute-Normandie Regional Council, STELLA and Ecosphère have prepared a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) complying with the requirements of the 2001/42/EC directive, also known as the SEA directive, and using the EU guidelines as presented in the "SEA Handbook for Cohesion Fund (2007-2013)". STELLA's experts performed a screening in order to determine to which extent the ROP for Haute Normandie is falling under the provisions of the SEA directive. In the scoping stage, we prepared an evaluation matrix that we applied to every measure proposed in the ROP. We also defined direct and indirect quantification indicators. To draft the environmental report, we proposed alternative solutions and conditioned the existing measures with eco-clauses. The environmental report produced is consistent with the agreed scope of the assessment. STELLA's experts have assisted the Haute Normandie Regional Council in the public consultation process and the conclusions and evaluation of the public consultation process are in the report. STELLA and Ecosphère have prepared monitoring tools and indicators for the evaluation throughout the entire implementation of the ROP.