Project title

Environmental Impact Assessment of a petrochemical plant in Venezuela

Project description

STELLA staff contributed to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of a proposed ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol plant in Venezuela, partially financed by the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC). In compliance with the World Bank's environmental guidelines for projects of this nature, the EIA reviewed relevant Venezuelan and international environmental regulations on solid and hazardous waste, direct wastewater discharges to surface waters such as the Maracaibo Lake, indirect discharges to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs), air pollution, and noise. The EIA described current environmental and socio-economic conditions near the proposed PRALCA plant site. STELLA staff identified and evaluated potential environmental impacts associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of the plant, and proposed measures to prevent or mitigate these impacts. The EIA found that wastewater discharges to the sewer line would not meet the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) limits due to the high TDS content of the well water used by the cooling tower. To remedy this potential problem, the EIA suggested either using an alternative source of water or treating the well water to reduce its TDS content prior to discharge to the sewer.