Project title

Soil and water resource conservation in Oued Nakhla, Morocco

Project description

Under the Water Resources Sustainability activity, STELLA staff has implemented a soil and water resources conservation pilot project in the Oued Nakhla watershed between T├ętouan and Chefchaouen. The five-year project included direct interventions to reduce soil erosion originating from croplands, existing gullies, ravines, and degraded matorral. Activities included planting olive and almond trees, repairing irrigation channels, controlling gullies, planting trees for firewood production and perennial grasses for livestock forage and encouraging the use of fuel alternatives to wood in households. The pilot project reduced (1) soil losses in the watershed by over 12,000 tons per year and (2) the annual rate of loss in dam reservoir storage capacity by about 2.5%. STELLA staff also fostered active participation from the farmers to improve long-term management of the watershed's resources. STELLA staff conducted numerous workshops covering all topics relating to project implementation activities. These topics included construction of "cuvettes", beekeeping, goat production, grass strips, agricultural implements, improved crop production techniques for wheat and forages, disease and pest control in olives, cooking stoves, and replication of project activities.