Project title

Environmental planning and management training for Mediterranean policy makers and senior professionals

Project description

For the World Bank/Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme (METAP), STELLA staff managed the organisation of two three-day workshops (one in English and one in French) and two two-week courses for senior Mediterranean government officials. Training was in English in Damascus (Syria) for participants from Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Slovenia, Syria, and Turkey, and in French in Mohammedia (Morocco) for participants from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia. The primary goals of the training programme were to (1) foster an improved understanding of the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, (2) provide analytical tools and procedures for integrating environmental considerations into national economic development initiatives, (3) develop environmental planning and management capabilities, and (4) promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants. Training topics included: understanding the link between development and the environment, exploring the direct and indirect causes of environmental degradation, planning for environmental action, coastal zone management, targeting environmental policies, selecting implementation tools, financing environmental programmes and projects, conducting risk assessments and environmental audits, and engaging the public. The course also covered specific topics such as waste management, water supply and sanitation, and air pollution control. Participants prepared their own back-at-work action plan.