Project title

Project formulation for the institutional and technical strengthening of National Water and Sanitation Authority branches in Yemen

Project description

STELLA participated in the preparation of a financing proposal for the decentralisation and restructuring of the Aden National Water and Sanitation Authority (NWSA) branch and five sub-branches. A team of three experts went to Aden and the towns covered by the Aden NWSA sub-branches to meet with key stakeholders in Yemen. The formulation team assessed the current situation of the NWSA (management structure, staffing, technical capacity, financial situation), estimated the current and future population's needs for water supply and sanitation, and identified the institutional and technical needs of Aden NWSA branch and sub-branches. The team developed a project proposal describing the objectives and contents of the upcoming project, including its main activities, specific tasks, a preliminary timetable, and a cost estimate.