Project title

A single multi-purpose SOA platform that delivers environmental permissions services through the cloud of e-Government services and applications (eEnviPer)

Project description

Environmental permits are required for many economic activities across Europe, including intensive farming, power stations, waste treatment and manufacturing. However, the process can often be complicated or seem inaccessible to both those implementing the permitting process and those applying for permits. STELLA, in cooperation with 12 other partners, will modernise local and regional environmental permit processes through the 4 million Euro project eEnviPer, co-funded by the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. eEnviPer aims to provide an integrated web-based platform for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits, making the environmental permitting process more transparent, more accessible and more efficient. To do this, eEnviPer will test an existing single multi-purpose cloud platform based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for providing software as a service (SaaS) in five pilot communities across Europe: Puglia (Italy), Crete (Greece), Nigde (Turkey), Indjija (Serbia) and Krapina-Zagorje (Croatia). The project will demonstrate the benefits of SOA and cloud architecture by integrating complementary existing systems that support environmental permit procedures and provide digital services for permitting authorities at different levels (local, regional and central), enterprises, consulting services (i.e., environmental engineers) and civil society (either individual citizens or special interest groups such as NGOs). Geographic Information Systems and web 2.0 participation are critical for this e-Government service. Ultimately, eEnviPer will help to reduce the environmental impact of economic activities through implementing the environmental permit process in a cost-effective manner. For further details, please visit the eEnviPer website :