Project title

Evaluation and selection of projects financed under Priority Axis 4 of Romania's Environment Sectoral Programme (SOP ENV)

Project description

STELLA is assisting Romania's Government in its implementation of its Environment Sectoral Operational Programme (SOP ENV). In this new 1.16 million EUR project, STELLA is in the Interdevelopment consortium in charge of assisting Romania's Intermediate Bodies (IB) in evaluating the proposals submitted by various institutions in response to the calls for proposals under SOP ENV's Priority Axis 4 (nature and biodiversity). We will summarise the results of this assistance in technical reports on the selection of projects under PA 4. STELLA is also organising a large number of training sessions on project cycle management, cost-benefit analysis, nature conservation and management of Natura 2000 sites and protected areas, legislation, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). These sessions use interactive-oriented training methods (e.g., questions and answers and discussions) and engage the trainees to work on practical exercises. The training sessions include five four-day and five three-day sessions with 30 participants per session and 24 one-day sessions with 40 participants per session. Finally, STELLA is organising 16 "ad-hoc" training sessions. The topics of these sessions will be decided jointly with the IB depending on their needs; we will schedule these sessions quickly in order to provide the IB with the support they need.