Project title

Information Sessions on preparing LIFE+ project proposals and managing LIFE+ projects

Project description

Each year between 2008 and 2011, STELLA successfully implemented 28 Information Sessions on behalf of the European Commission and in collaboration with the EU Member States. Annually, we organised one Session in each EU Member State and two in Belgium. The Information Sessions aimed to inform potential beneficiaries about the LIFE+ Programme, whether it is the best financing programme for their project, how to submit a good proposal, and how to manage a LIFE+ project. Each Session was conducted in the official language of the Member State (with the exception of Ireland and Malta, where the Sessions were in English) and included an official Presentation approved by the European Commission, and presentations by the national LIFE+ contact points and successful LIFE / LIFE+ projects. Over the past four years, the Information Sessions have reached annually up to 2,700 potential LIFE+ applicants across Europe, and the high quality LIFE+ PowerPoint Presentation and other materials reached an even wider audience via the European Commission LIFE website.