Project title

Ukrainian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre (UEPLAC)-Phase IV

Project description

For the Government of Ukraine, the Council for Approximation of Legislation chaired by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, STELLA, as partner of the Ukrainian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre (UEPLAC) supported Ukraine in the process of European integration and legal approximation. The overall objective of the project was to support the understanding, implementation, and ownership by the Ukrainian authorities of the whole process of approximation to EU principles and laws in all of the areas foreseen in the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement and in the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan. The specific objectives were to assist in preparing approximated legislation work, strengthen the Ukrainian policy-making/legislative process according to Ukraine's objective for EU integration, and build Ukrainian capacity in understanding and being able to implement the process of approximating Ukrainian legislation to EU legislation. STELLA assessed the Ukrainian legislation in the environmental field against EU environmental acquis communautaire. We carried out a Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) of transposing and implementing the EU acquis on road transport in the Ukrainian legislation for the Ukrainian road haulers. We also provided policy recommendations on the integration of energy and environment policies into transport policies in light of the EU directives and experiences of the New Member States and gave our expert opinion and legal support on draft laws by comparing with the EU acquis and best practices. We have also reviewed the Ukrainian legislation on drinking water quality and river protection, and analysed the sustainability of Ukraine's legal system and the measures and needs for more approximation. Finally, STELLA has advised line ministries on strengthening environmental policies and prepared Ukraine's environmental policy for 2020. We have participated and organised workshops, work meetings, and round tables to provide expert advice on environmental protection policies.