Project title

Cost-Benefit analysis workshop in Tetouan, Morocco

Project description

In support of the Water Resources Sustainability (WRS) activity, STELLA staff prepared and facilitated two three-day workshops on the cost-benefit analysis of water and environmental projects. Using adult learning participatory techniques (brainstorming, working groups, exercises), we trained about 50 professionals (25 during each workshop) from Moroccan government agencies (central and local) and NGOs in assessing and comparing the economic and financial costs and benefits of water and environmental projects. We prepared the training materials and documentation in French, including tailor-made overhead transparencies, Moroccan case studies, and background reading materials. The training programme emphasised the need for and methods to understand and internalise the costs of environmental degradation. We organised a field trip to observe first-hand the types and costs of environmental degradation resulting from human activities (e.g., erosion resulting from poor land farming practices). Six months after these two training workshops, we organised follow-up hands-on workshops with the same participants to assess the costs and benefits of the three pilot projects to be implemented by the WRS activity.