Project title

Watershed protection management activity in the Souss-Massa River Basin, Morocco

Project description

Using methodologies developed under the Water Resources Sustainability activity to control soil erosion in the Nakhla watershed, STELLA staff implemented a similar watershed protection management activity in the Souss-Massa River Basin. These methodologies include multi-disciplinary, multi-agency, participatory approaches, social assessments, direct involvement of farmers and villagers, rapid implementation of actions that directly or indirectly reduce soil erosion and increase water conservation, implementation of activities that generate additional income for participants (in particular women), and careful monitoring of indicators towards progress. STELLA staff has conducted feasibility studies of soil conservation, water conservation, rangeland and forest management, irrigation management, and income generating activities. Sustainable forest conservation and management activities improve conservation and productivity of Argan and Thuya forests as well as animal grazing management as measured by extent of adoption of practices such as rotational grazing, animal exclusion, and development of alternative feed sources. They also reduce the amount of wood collected for fuel by women, thanks to increases in energy efficiency (cooking stoves) and adoption of alternative fuel sources. STELLA staff fostered broad public participation through participatory workshops and training sessions to disseminate the project approaches and methods to potential beneficiaries in the Souss-Massa basin where similar projects can be implemented.