Project title

USTDA desk study on Algerian solid waste projects

Project description

STELLA staff completed two Desk Studies (DS) for the US Trade and Development Agency. First, STELLA staff reviewed a proposal by Sadat International and Edgeboro International for a feasibility study of a solid waste landfill in the city of Sidi Abdellah, Algeria. Given the strong opposition from environmental NGOs and because of the difficulty of collecting tipping fees, STELLA staff recommended that the first phase of the feasibility study focus on cost recovery and financial feasibility. Second, STELLA staff reviewed a proposal by Brown, Vence & Associates (BVA) for a feasibility study of Solid Waste Management (SWM) projects in Jijel, Algeria. BVA's proposal was to develop a SWM plan for Jijel, but with no direct link to a specific project. STELLA staff suggested that BVA improve their proposal by collecting more data on Jijel's municipal SWM budget and focusing on a more specific project with a measurable rate of return.