Project title

Pollution prevention slide show in French and English

Project description

For the USAID Pollution Prevention Project (EP3), STELLA staff designed and prepared the script in French and English for a slide show on pollution prevention, with taped narration and music. The 100-slide, stand-alone slide show was presented in Tunisia and Morocco, where it was received very favourably. The USAID also produced it in Spanish and on videotape for distribution worldwide. After an introduction stressing the need to act now for the sake of current and future generations, the slide show explains the concept of pollution prevention and provides illustrative case examples from the cement, printing, painting, tanning, electronics, and detergent industries. Reflecting on the perceived and real reasons why pollution prevention does not happen more often, the slide show suggests ways for promoting pollution prevention: establishing pollution prevention programmes; setting clear, precise goals, recognising and rewarding people and institutions that prevent pollution; undertaking pollution prevention audits; providing on-the-job training for professionals; and educating students and children about the importance of the environment.