Project title

Evaluation of industrial pollution in the Mohammedia-Casablanca region of Morocco

Project description

For Morocco's Ministry of the Environment (MoE), STELLA staff evaluated industrial pollution in the Mohammedia-Casablanca region. The study was financed by a grant from the World Bank and the European Investment Bank through the Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme (METAP). STELLA staff conducted pollution prevention and control audits of the 10 most polluting industrial facilities in the region (petrochemical, fertiliser, detergent, oil refining, thermal power, food processing, tannery, aluminium, electroplating). These audits have allowed MoE to launch partnerships with the industry representatives of Mohammedia-Casablanca. They have also allowed Morocco to implement the strategy of environmental protection and sustainable development that MoE had just prepared. To conduct these audits, STELLA staff used a methodology consisting of three steps and 19 activities. Key activities included a pollution prevention workshop with about 20 facility decision-makers and plant managers, the audit including sampling and the evaluation of control pollution options and clean technologies, and the preparation of an action plan to improve environmental quality in the Mohammedia-Casablanca region. After the audits, STELLA staff prepared action plans for each of the 10 facilities. Finally, STELLA staff organised a public meeting to sign the action plans