Project title

Pollution prevention in the Moroccan agro-processing industry

Project description

For the US Agency for International Development's Project in Development and Environment (PRIDE), STELLA staff evaluated strategy options for pollution prevention by the agro-processing industry in Morocco (sugar plants, olive oil mills, and canneries). STELLA staff reviewed data on pollution generated by agro-processing plants, previous pollution prevention efforts or efforts currently underway, and the institutional and legal framework for pollution abatement efforts. STELLA staff analysed these data and conducted environmental audits of one sugar plant and one olive oil mill to estimate the potential for pollution prevention in these industrial sectors. Drawing on the US experience in this area, STELLA staff suggested a series of measures to speed up the process of pollution prevention in the agro-processing industry in Morocco. These measures include economic and financial actions (increased water prices, investment incentives), awareness activities (pollution prevention audits), and training.