Project title

Technical assistance for Solid Waste Management in Fiji - Lami Dump Rehabilitation

Project description

STELLA staff supported the Government of Fiji in improving Fiji's solid waste management (SWM). STELLA assisted the Department of Energy (DOE) in mitigating the environmental impact of the closure of the Lami Dump and in managing the Naboro landfill. We supervised the construction of a new cell of the Naboro landfill and assisted DOE in preparing a new concession contract for operating the Naboro landfill. We also executed detailed/final design and prepared tender documents for rehabilitating the Lami dump, and conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment of the rehabilitation of the Lami Dump. We provided DOE with institutional strengthening, capacity building, and training in SWM and prepared and implemented public information campaigns. Finally, we studied the feasibility of a transfer station in the Suva area.