Project title

Institutional and organisational development for municipal solid waste management in Palestine

Project description

STELLA staff has led the organisational development and capacity-building efforts in support of a World Bank project to implement regional Solid Waste Management (SWM) collection and disposal services in the districts of Jenin and Al-Khalil (Hebron). STELLA staff assessed organisational development and capacity building needs of local governments and of the planned regional SWM councils in each district. We surveyed local governments and formulated short- and long-term recommendations to build up the capabilities of local governments and each SWM Council. We identified staffing needs, job profiles, and basic functions of the key professional staff of each SWM Council and helped the Jenin Council recruit staff. We also provided technical assistance and training to Council Board members, professional staff of the Council's Executive Unit, mayors and village council presidents, and municipal professionals. Training areas included understanding the roles and responsibilities of the SWM Council and local governments, conducting targeted public awareness campaigns, organising primary and secondary solid waste collection services, and assessing privatisation options and cost recovery issues. STELLA staff also prepared manuals and procedural guidelines on each of those topics.