Project title

Integrated Solid Waste Management in Cape Verde

Project description

For Cape Verde's Ministry of Infrastructure and with financing from the EU's ninth European Development Fund (EDF), STELLA designed with Hydea a system of integrated solid waste management for the six municipalities of the Island of Santiago in Cape Verde. STELLA assessed the quantities of waste generated on the island and the equipment and infrastructure currently used to manage the waste. After identifying the current and future needs of the municipalities, STELLA proposed the creation of an inter-municipal autonomous structure that would collect and treat the waste generated by the six municipalities. This new structure will be in charge of managing three new controlled landfills and over 20 rubbish disposal trucks. STELLA proposed various options to finance the new structure and ensure full-cost recovery (tax on imported packaging and tariffs paid by shops and residents). STELLA also recommended the launch of a public awareness campaign to encourage residents to dispose of their rubbish in the proper containers. Finally, STELLA recommended a new system to safely dispose of medical waste and to study the feasibility of segregating and recycling paper, glass, plastic, and aluminium.