Project title

Diagnostic of the commercial use of biogas recovered from the landfill in Mianyang

Project description

For Mianyang's Environmental Sanitation Bureau (ESB), STELLA conducted a diagnostic of the commercial use of biogas recovered from its landfill. The diagnostic had three objectives: (1) Evaluate the commercial feasibility of recovering biogas from the Mianyang landfill; (2) Improve air quality in Mianyang and China; and (3) Reduce the cost of waste management in Mianyang and China. STELLA characterised the baseline quantity and composition of gas generated by Mianyang landfill, developed options for utilisation and purification, and conducted cost benefit and recovery analyses. STELLA compared different reuse options for the biogas recovered, such as flaring, fuel for vehicles, waste incineration, and electricity production. According to the financial model developed by the team, converting the gas to electricity provides the highest Net Present Value. STELLA then conducted a preliminary environmental assessment of the project, prepared the conceptual design of collection, recovery, and combustion systems, identified data to be collected, and described the quality control and assurance procedures that will be undertaken to monitor the reduction of GHG emissions. The project team developed an appropriate transaction structure (e.g., BOO, BOT) and a financing strategy, and trained ESB staff on biogas collection and reuse. STELLA also organised two information and dissemination conferences with media involvement in Mianyang and Beijing to present the final outcomes of the study to other cities in China with similar needs.