Project title

Municipal Solid Waste Management in China

Project description

For the United Nations Development Programme and the China International Centre for Economic and Technical Exchanges, STELLA has supported the Government of China in its ongoing institutional reform to promote greater efficiency in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) services. The project assisted two pilot cities --Mianyang (600,000 people) in the Sichuan Province and Zhang Zhou (300,000 people) in the Fujian Province-- in transitioning toward a market-oriented management of MSW. STELLA helped the two pilot cities to identify options for MSW Management and develop a comprehensive set of affordable tariffs to ensure full cost recovery and therefore financial sustainability of operations. In particular, STELLA advised on the financial and institutional arrangements (BOOT, BOO, joint venture) that the two cities will establish with the private sector to provide waste management services and to procure and build Zhang Zhou's new waste management facility. STELLA has also designed and implemented a double awareness campaign. The first part of the campaign was to inform the population of the new tariffs while highlighting the benefits of the proposed reforms. The second part measured the reaction of the population to these new tariffs and to the improved MSW management. Finally, STELLA was also in charge of controlling and supervising Mianyang's new waste management facility (landfill, incinerator, and composting facility).