Project title

Institutional Support to Solid Waste Utilities in Kosovo

Project description

STELLA provided the team leader for this project investigating the strengths and weaknesses of the waste utilities in Pristina, Mitrovica, Gjilan, Ferizaj, Gjakova, Prizren, and Peja regions. The team focussed on two main areas essential for an effective waste management in Kosovo: (1) organisational and operational support; and (2) financial management support. STELLA staff (i) assessed the organisational, operational, and financial management of waste utilities and recommended administrative/institutional changes and financial measures to improve services; (ii) enhanced "customer contracts" and compliance with the rules of the Water and Waste Regulatory Office (WWRO) while including women and minorities without discrimination; (iii) improved the procedures to maintain infrastructure; (iv) assessed, improved, and extended the collection routes, including in rural areas; (v) improved the maintenance of computer systems and staff training; (vi) established financial control mechanisms; (vii) assessed and improved billing; and (viii) prepared a development plan.