Project title

Technical Assistance for implementation of the grant schemes 2005-2006 in the field of environment

Project description

STELLA assisted the regional and national environmental authorities - Ministry of Development, Public Works, and Housing (MDPWH) and Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MESD) - with the proper and timely implementation of an environmental infrastructure grant scheme for local authorities. The objective of this project was to improve environmental protection at the local and regional levels through supporting investments for the public sector and strengthening the institutional capacity to manage grant schemes and future structural funds. STELLA increased the number of local authorities aware of the opportunities offered by the grant scheme for financing small environmental infrastructure projects. We also increased the number of bankable environmental infrastructure projects proposed to ensure a complete absorption of the EC funds available. Furthermore, we trained members of the Regional Evaluation Committees for evaluating and selecting projects; we trained staff from MDPWH, MESD, Regional Environmental Protection Agencies (REPAs), Local Environmental Protection Agencies (LEPAs), and Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in monitoring the grants. We also trained the beneficiaries of the investment grant schemes in all aspects required for the sound implementation of the grant contracts, including secondary procurement and monitoring. STELLA also assisted local authorities in preparing tender documents for environmental infrastructure projects, such as master plans, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments and economic and financial analysis. Through the raised awareness of the relevant regional and local authorities, this project has supported the implementation of the environmental infrastructure investment grant scheme for the public sector at the regional and local levels.