Project title

Municipal urban waste management in Limassol, Cyprus

Project description

As a candidate for EU membership, Cyprus had to transpose the EU environmental acquis into its national legislation. This had a major impact on solid waste management practices for the municipalities of Cyprus. With funding from the European Commission (SMAP Programme), STELLA has conducted a project to identify and evaluate options for composting and for segregated collection in the Greater Limassol Area (GLA). To identify and evaluate these options, the project reviewed composting and segregated collection in Europe. It also collected data on solid waste generated by the Greater Limassol Area (in particular, hotels and restaurants) and on the markets for recycled materials (e.g., glass, paper and cardboard, plastics, metals, and compost) in Cyprus and in other countries. STELLA assisted the local pilot-recycling manager in designing the pilot project and the local public awareness specialist in designing awareness activities. STELLA provided the Team Leader for this project and prepared two sectoral reports. Finally, the project included the preparation of the Terms of Reference for the design of a composting plant, and provided an overview of the tools used by European municipalities to encourage segregated collection.