Project title

Scoping study - Promote economic and social benefits of environmental policy making

Project description

STELLA has successfully carried out a Scoping study of selected environmental policies to help Ogilvy develop a communication strategy and propose an implementation plan to promote the social and economic benefits of environmental policy making at the EU level. The policies analysed included: air quality, waste management, water, biodiversity and nature conservation, and resource efficiency. The Study presented the background and state of play of EU environmental policies, the main stakeholders, including opponents, supporters, and influencers of EU environmental policy making and the roles of these stakeholders. The Study also analysed the barriers to support and adopt EU environmental policies, and the drivers for supporting or opposing EU environmental policies. Finally, the Study also assessed the socio-economic benefits of EU environmental policies and the EU public opinion of EU environmental policies. Ogilvy has used this Study to develop a communication strategy for the European Commission's DG Environment.