Project title

Water Resources Sustainability activity in Morocco

Project description

STELLA provided the technical supervisor for the six-year, $10.5 million Water Resource Sustainability (WRS) activity with USAID/Morocco. The WRS activity aimed at improving water resources management and pollution control and used appropriate technologies, policies, and community participation to implement three pilot projects: wastewater treatment and reuse in Agadir, pollution control from tanneries in Fez, and soil/water conservation in the Rif region. As part of these projects, STELLA staff designed and built the Drarga (6,000 people) wastewater treatment and reuse plant and Morocco's first chromium recovery facility in Fez. We also provided technical assistance to the Drarga Municipality in plant budgeting, cost recovery analysis, and automatic billing. In the Rif, the activity has planted over 130,000 olive and fruit trees, stabilised 3.5 km of ravine by installing gabions and planting soil-retaining trees, and created six village committees. STELLA staff helped establish negotiated partnerships among local and central stakeholders (municipality, utility, tanners, and farmers). We also prepared an environmental impact assessment of each pilot project. In addition, STELLA staff assisted the Department of Environment and its numerous partners at the national and local level by providing training and technical assistance in water policies and technologies and community participation. We organised numerous workshops, seminars, and roundtables to raise public awareness and create project ownership, and train beneficiaries on cost-benefit analysis, wastewater treatment and re-use technologies.