Project title

Wastewater treatment and reuse for irrigation in Drarga, Morocco

Project description

As part of the Water Resources Sustainability activity (WRS), STELLA staff designed and built a wastewater treatment and reuse plant in Drarga (20,000 people) near Agadir. With technical and financial support from the WRS project team, the Municipality of Drarga has learned to operate the plant and sell treated wastewater to farmers for irrigation. The plant relies on a combination of anaerobic lagoons and sand filters. The Municipality collects sewage fees to recover all of the operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and some of the plant's capital costs. STELLA staff helped the municipality negotiate a cost-sharing agreement with Etablissement Régional d'Aménagement et de Construction (ERAC)/Sud, a housing development public agency, whereby ERAC/Sud assumed total responsibility for building the main sewer line in Drarga. ERAC/Sud's contribution represented about 30 percent of the total cost of improving sanitation in Drarga.