Project title

Development of teaching and training modules for higher education on low-cost wastewater treatment (ASIA-LINK)

Project description

STELLA implemented a project funded under ASIA-LINK, one of the Commission's Asia-wide Programmes. The goal of the project was to develop a curriculum on low-cost wastewater treatment for higher education in Europe and Asia. The project has: (i) strengthened the analytical and training capacity of higher education institutions in Asia (China and Vietnam) and Europe (Denmark and Belgium) by training MSc level students with the most up-to-date knowledge in low-cost wastewater treatment and environmental economics; (ii) assisted in developing curricula worldwide on low-cost wastewater treatment and environmental economics and in disseminating information through a network of higher learning institutions and former students; and (iii) established links among partners allowing the development of more contacts in education and research. The project developed new approaches, methods, and analytical tools to help integrate the environment into the decision-making process and influence the choice of appropriate policies. The project resulted in a complete curriculum, already tested and improved. Professors were trained and have now received all of the teaching materials required to repeat this experience later on. One of the outcomes is a strengthened capacity and awareness of professionals in economic concepts and methods to estimate environmental benefits and conduct cost-benefit analyses.