Project title

Integrated Wastewater Purification Management (IWPM)

Project description

STELLA has participated in the implementation of the "IWPM Integrated Wastewater Purification Management" LIFE project whose overall objective was to demonstrate how an innovative IWPM-System can improve wastewater management and treatment, increasing the quality of effluent and reducing costs, in support of EU-Directives on Wastewater, Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM; EU-Directive 2000/60/EC), and Flora, Fauna, Habitat (FFH). To improve the performance of wastewater treatment systems facing problems of load variations, IWPM installed pipes between two plants in Germany's Bad Essen region to equalise the loads entering the plants. The plants were physically (biologically activated pipes) and electronically (remote control) connected to equalise and optimise the loads, thus allowing using the plants' capacities to their maximum. STELLA studied IWPM's feasibility and transferability in new EU member states as well as candidate countries.