Project title

Environmental cost assessment and investment plan for Romania

Project description

For Romania's Ministry of Environment and Water Management (MEWM) and with financing from the PHARE programme, STELLA provided the team leader, financing expert, and expert in charge of industrial pollution prevention and control. STELLA staff assessed the costs associated with the implementation of EU environmental directives and evaluated the financial needs for this implementation. STELLA developed tools to facilitate the implementation of EU environmental directives (cost benefit analysis, development of cost recovery mechanism, least cost-analysis of environmental law implementation). STELLA also elaborated a sound environmental financing strategy with sector and regional priorities, possible funding sources, and models for preparing feasible environmental investment projects. We analysed MEWM's training needs for environmental implementation and trained MEWM staff in relation to the activities of the project. STELLA also developed matrices of unit costs for the heavy investment directives, in particular, the urban wastewater treatment, drinking water, landfill, and waste management directives. We have developed the list of priority projects to be financed by ISPA and the EU Cohesion funds using various criteria such as the financial capacity for public services. The project has trained MEWM staff and staff from the local and regional Environmental Protection Agencies.