STELLA leads DG Connect's PCP and PPI procurement project

STELLA Consulting and Corvers have joined forces to implement the European Commission project "Promoting the impacts of PCP and PPI procurement in Europe to procurers of ICT solutions".  The core of the project is practical assistance and 12 events and workshops targeted at public procurers organised across the EU over the next three years.

In these three years the STELLA/Corvers team will support key public procurers and policy makers for ICT based solutions across the EU and across different sectors of public interest (such as health, environment, mobility, etc.).  The aim is to awaken their interest in undertaking PCP/PPI procurement.  We will provide a toolkit and assistance (both individual and through practical workshops) to potential innovation procurers in how to engage in PCP and PPI in terms of designing and implementing the relevant innovation procurement procedures.

In addition, we will actively promote, through social media and outreach activities, the benefits of PCP/PPI.

What is PCP and PPI?

Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is the procurement of research and development of new innovative solutions before they are commercially available. PCP works in conjunction with PPI.

Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) is the procurement of innovative goods or services, typically before they are available on a large scale commercial basis.  Public authorities may act as launch customers for these innovative goods or services that may also include conformance testing. 

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